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old federal

This Federal-style house, circa 1850, has not found a buyer despite a rock-bottom price. It requires major structural and systems work.  (Photos: Deb Holmes)

Bodwell mansion

Another architectural treasure, the Governor Bodwell House in Hallowell, Maine,  has been on Maine Preservation's "Most Endangered Historic Properties" list for two years. Restoration of the 2nd Empire style mansion would require a large budget. 

old windows

Many old houses are much more modest in scale, but nonetheless require considerable effort and finances. Getting windows and shutters in good repair, and keeping paint on weathered clapboards are among the perpetual challenges.

This little bit of humor brought to you by Donnie in the thread on the General Discussions Room.

First steps to starting work on an old house:

1) Buy bottle of aspirin (economy size).

2) Treat yourself to a nice weekend at a four-star hotel (soon there will bedisasters and messes everywhere).

3) Throw away your calendar (you won't need it since you will not have anyfree time anyway).

4) Capture on film the "looks" when you proudly show your friendsand family the "investment" you've made.

5) Keep your head up and learn to enjoy the work you're doing and forgetabout the end date. It will drive you crazy.

Rehabilitation: A hot topic

The OHW bulletinboards have hundreds of messages on old-house topics, from rescuingold homes; rehabbingvs. restoring; lovingold houses; , and much more. You read a thread, join a conversation, researchtopics, or start a new topic.

You will also find stories on a broad range of topics in our How-Tosection. Be sure to check the Featuressection for  many first-personaccounts of restoring old houses.

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