Adhesives: Old Brown Glue

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
Long before modern adhesives were invented, carpenters and cabinetmakers used hide glue for woodworking. Old Brown Glue is a modern ressurection of an old adhesive. Unlike dried hide glue that has to be mixed with water and heated in the shop, this glue comes in liquid form.

Hide glue is still a valuable tool for refinishers and restorers of period furniture because it's reversible -- glued assemblies can be taken apart later for repairs.

Old Brown Glue has a very long open time, allowing lots of time to assemble parts before the glue sets. A very low resistance to heat and moisture gives the glue strength, but still allows it to be reversed when needed. Old Brown Glue cleans up with water and is non-toxic.

In November 2004, a 5-oz. container was $8 and a 16-oz. container cost $20.

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