Adhesives: ProBond polyurethane glue

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
Polyurethane glue is good for bonding a variety of materials in addition to wood. The bond is highly water resistant as well as strong. Unlike many other kinds of glue, ProBond needs some moisture to cure. Wood that is very dry should be dampened with water before glue is applied. While wet, the glue can be cleaned up with acetone or mineral spirits. As it dries, glue exposed to air foams slightly and is easy to remove with a chisel or sandpaper.

One of the advantages of polyurethane glue is its long working time (clamping times also are longer than yellow or white glue). It can also be painted. But the glue stains skin, so wear gloves when you use it. In November 2004, a 16-oz. container of ProBond cost about $18.

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