Adhesives: Super T

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
Super T cyanoacrylate glue from Satellite City is a fast acting adhesive designed for making quick repairs on a variety of materials. With a viscosity something like syrup, Super T fills small gaps and cracks and cures in less than 30 seconds to create a very strong bond (other viscosities are also available).

Split a piece of trim or break off a delicate furniture part? Hold the pieces together, apply a few drops of Super T to bond the parts and resume work almost right away. An accelerator spritzed on the repair makes the glue cure even faster. Super T is non-toxic, but it will glue your fingers together if you're not careful (a debonder loosens its grip). In November 2004, a 2-oz. container of Super T cost about $8.50.

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