Adhesives: Titebond III ultimate wood glue

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
Titebond III is a high-strength wood adhesive that, according to the manufacturer, forms a waterproof bond once it's cured. It cleans up with water and is non-toxic. Titebond III can be applied in temperatures as low as 47 degrees F. and has an open time of about 10 minutes. That allows more time for positioning glued pieces than conventional yellow carpenter's glue. Titebond III is designed for wood and other porous materials, such as leather and paper, but not for metal and plastic.

According to the manufacturer, Titebond III also is approved by the FDA for indirect food contact?making it a good choice for cutting boards. A 16-oz. container of Titebond III cost about $9 in November 2004.

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