Adhesives: Titebond Original wood glue

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
Titebond Original is an excellent all-around adhesive for wood. It has high shear strength; it's relatively inexpensive, and it cleans up with water. The glue has a short open time, meaning that parts should be assembled quickly once glue has been applied. Clamping times are about 30 minutes, although a glued joint won't develop full strength until overnight. Titebond Original dries to an amber-yellow color. It won't absorb stain, so any residue should be removed before finishing.

The Original formulation has little resistance to water so the glue should be used only for work that stays inside, and the glue is not designed to bond non-porous materials like metal or plastic. Shelf life is about one year. In November 2004, a 16-oz. bottle of Titebond Original cost about $5.

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