Air Cleaners: Tighter house, cleaner air

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
A well-insulated house will save on energy bills, but a house that's too tight may reduce indoor air quality. The CX3000 Whole House Air System addresses that problem.

The air purifier uses an electrostatic filter, ultraviolet lights, a catalyst and mechanical filtering to capture and kill germs, bacteria and viruses. It also elminates odors and toxins given off by newly-installed construction materials.

Designed to be installed in your existing ductwork, it will filter up to 3,000 square feet. It costs a few cents a day to operate.

Indicator lights tell you when it's time to change filters (about every six months) and the lamp (about once a year).

  • Product: CX3000 Whole House Air System
  • Dimensions: 25" wide x 21" high x 1-1/4" deep
  • Suggested retail price is $1,395.
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