Antique Reproductions: Baseboard Registers

Reviewed by:
Allison Beatty
These vintage baseboard registers are also known as gravity registers because they were originally used with central-gravity furnaces. In most old homes, gravity furnaces have been replaced with modern forced-air heating and cooling systems, but the old baseboard registers remain in place.Although usually scratched, worn, and beaten, they remain installed because replacements have been out of production for many years.

Overall Sizes:
Small 13x12-inches high (Fits 10x8-inch duct size)
Large 15x12-inches (Fits 10x8-inch duct size)

Available Colors:
Black and white

Prices are $65 to $70 for the small and large registers. Shipping included.

Additional Features:

  • Solid-steel construction
  • Thumb-actuated damper
  • Includes mounting hardware
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