Appliances: French range

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
This $20,000 luxury appliance might not turn you into a French chef, but it will give a certain panache to your kitchen.

The 51" wide range has two ovens (2.7 cubic feet and 2.1 cubic feet) and nine burner options, such as a cast iron simmer plate that provides 18,700 BTUS of heat. The handcrafted cabinet features a stainless steel top and can be trimmed in chrome, copper or brass (shown in photo).

Oven doors are counter-balanced and open fully, providing a quick resting place for casseroles. Oven controls are discreetly hidden behind a small door on the front. Available in gas or electric (or dual fuel), it can also be converted to LP(November 2004).

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