Appliances: Perfect union

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
The energy efficiency of a front-loading washer and the convenience of a top loader come together in this horizontal-axis washing machine. Clothes are loaded from the top into a trap door on the inner drum. The wash load tumbles through a small amount of water in the tub's bottom, using 2/3rds less water than top loading washers.

With no agitator, there's less wear and tear on clothes and more room for large items, even a Queen size comforter. The high speed spin saves energy in drying time, too. The manufacturer estimates that the average family (doing eight loads per week) will save about $300 a year in energy costs.

The machine is easily serviced through the front panel, which provides access to most moving parts. Price is $999 (as shown) or $1299 with a stainless steel cabinet (November 2004).

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