Appliances: Toasting the Brits

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
First manufactured on the other side of the pond in 1946, these commercial grade toasters have become a hot item in the U.S. Each toaster is hand-assembled in England and its underside bears the mark of the individual assembler.

Built to provide years of service, the toaster has an insulated, stainless steel body and ProHeat elements, which increase both element longevity and heating efficiency. Slots are 28 mm wide (a little more than one inch) to accommodate bagels, homemade bread or chubby crumpets. This little toaster can produce 65 pieces of toast per hour. Pictured in polished chrome, it's also offered in an array of bright colors. Price is 134 pounds (or $219 for the Yanks). November 2004.

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