Appliances: Wired kitchen

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
In the 1930s, you were living high if your kitchen had a radio. Today, this slim, compact multimedia center replaces a room full of electronic devices and it's specifically designed for the chaotic kitchen.

Surf the Web using the touchscreen monitor or the wireless, washable keyboard. Keep an eye on the sleeping baby in the other room with the 12.1" LCD screen or use it to watch your favorite DVD or cable TV. If you accidentally drop the remote control in the potato salad, don't fret; it's washable, too. There's also a CD player with three-way speakers.

Or maybe, like your ancestors, you just want a radio in the kitchen. The FM radio has 21 presets, accessible via the touchscreen or keyboard. When not in use, the flipscreen tucks neatly away. Price is $2,299 (November 2004).

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