Bathtubs: Holy Cow

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
From the company that brought you a $30,000 solid bronze tub comes another unusual soaker -- a leather covered slipper tub.

This 72" long bathtub is wrapped with natural hides from Nguni (African) cows, prized for their good-looking skins.

Not into the bovine bathroom look? The tub's exterior can also be wrapped with zebra hide.

The udderly huge tub holds 85 gallons of water. It's made of cast acrylic to keep the weight down. The tub rim can be drilled for faucet mounts.

  • Nguni Cow Skin Double Slipper Tub is priced at $4,995 (January 2006).
  • Dimensions: 72" long x 32" wide x 31" high.
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