Brass Chandelier: Independence Hall Inspired

Reviewed by:
Allison Beatty

This brass chandelier features the same regal design found in our nation's birthplace in Philadelphia. The fixture is made of durable cast brass, then turned, fitted and finished to the same high standards used in the 1700s. This charismatic chandelier's sizeable presence makes it ideal as a focal point in a large foyer, dining room, office, or historical building. Allow three months for completion of this exceptional product.

  • Independence Hall Brass Chandelier, #W135, sells for $7,087.50 (May 2007).
  • 40"D, 32"H, 7 ?" D (body).
  • 90 lbs.
  • Lacquered to extend period between polishing.
  • Iron chain and hand forged iron hook included.

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