Brick Flooring: Thin bricks

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Thin slices of authentic clay bricks make a durable, natural floor that's as easy to install as tile. Owners of historic and older homes might be particularly interested in this company's old Chicago bricks, salvaged from buildings in the Windy City and sliced into half-inch tiles.

No two Chicago pieces are the same, with colors ranging from buff, to orange and pink, and grays and black. Brick tiles can be sealed with a non-yellowing polyurethane for a high gloss or terra-cotta sealer for the look of raw brick.

New tiles are produced from clays, shale and raw materials, fine ground for a smooth wire-cut texture that allows for easy clean-up but traction when wet. New brick floor tiles are available in the modular brick shape (3 5/8" x 7 5/8") in either 1/2" or 15/16" thicknesses. The company says the bricks can be used anywhere that ceramic tile would be used. The 15/16" bricks can also be used on driveways if set on a slab.

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