Caulk: DAPtex insulating foam

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
Expanding foam is designed to fill relatively large gaps around window and door frames, pipes, vent stacks, foundations and electrical boxes and switches. But polyurethane foams can over-expand, distorting window and door frames. DAPs multi-purpose latex insulating foam expands quickly to fill crevices that admit cold air and water, without over-expanding like polyurethane .

Its designed for interior and exterior applications, with a service range of 0 degrees to 150 degrees F. and an application range of 45 degrees to 105 degrees F. It can be cleaned up with soap and water and is tack-free in 10 minutes. The latex foam sticks to wood, concrete, brick, vinyl, steel and aluminum. In October 2004, a 12-oz. can cost about $7.

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