Caulk: Great Stuff insulating foam

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
Expanding polyurethane foam bonds tenaciously with a variety of materials and is a good choice for filling large gaps, like those around door and window openings. Dow says this low-pressure variety will not bow window and door frames. Over-filling gaps is common, but the company says that Great Stuff Window & Doors softness and pliability allow it to be removed after its cured if too much is applied.

The manufacturer also claims that polyurethane foams are less likely to absorb water than latex foams, and therefore less likely to cause wood rot where its exposed to water. Great Stuff Door & Window is tack free in eight minutes and can be painted and sanded after it has cured. One downside is how well it sticksif you get it on your hands, youll just have to let it wear off. A 12-oz. can cost about $7 in October 2004.

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