Caulk: Seal drafts with aerosol caulk

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Sealing gaps around doors and windows is a quick and inexpensive way to eliminate drafts -- and help keep heating costs down. Now DAP makes this task even easier with its ALEX PLUS Easy Caulk. The acrylic latex caulk comes in an aerosol dispenser, eliminating the need for a standard caulk gun.

The caulk can be applied in temperatures as low as 40 degrees F. and it will stick to a variety of surfaces, including wood, brick, glass, metal and plastic, according to the manufacturer. Its tack-free in 30 minutes and can be painted in two hours. Easy Caulk contains silicone, which DAP says improves flexibility and adhesion. Its expected life span is 35 years.

The caulk can be applied with a maximum bead of 1/2 in. in cracks up to 1/2 in. deep (deeper cavities should be filled with backer rod first). In October 2004, a 16-oz. container of the caulk cost about $5.

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