Caulks: Crack Cure

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Houses look very still but when no one's looking, they move around a bit. That explains why patching cracks can be so frustrating.

This exterior-grade, water-based caulk is designed to provide a watertight seal. Yet it remains flexible enough to allow for 25% joint movement.

Guaranteed for 50 years, it's designed to seal cracks up to 3/8" around windows, doors, and trim. For wide cracks, patching material is recommended.

When laying down a 3/8" bead, one 10 ounce cartridge provides 13 linear feet of material.

  • Product Name: Polyseamseal Window, Door & Siding Outdoor Sealant
  • Price is $6 to $7 for 10 oz. (November 2005).
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