Caulks: Gap Closers

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Every crack and hole in your old house provides way to heated air to escape (and for cold little mousies to enter).

This polyurethane Triple Expanding Foam Sealant will close up those gaps and openings. Suitable for interior or exterior use, the manufacturer recommends this cream-colored foam be painted when used outdoors.

Once cured (in about eight hours), it can handle temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 220 degrees. Application temperature should be more than 40 degrees.

The foam adheres to most traditional building materials (wood, masonry, plastic, metal, glass and construction substrates). Clean up of uncured product requires paint thinner or acetone.

  • Product Name: Liquid Nails Triple Expanding Foam Sealant
  • Price is under $10 per container.
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