Ceiling Fans: Tiffany Charmaine ceiling fan

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
The Tiffany Charmaine is one of manufacturer Hunter's designer editions of the ubiquitous ceiling fan. This fan combines good looks and wobble-free performance with energy efficiency.

According to the manufacturer, this ceiling fan is effective in both summer and winter. During the summer, running the fan counter-clockwise pushes air downward and makes the apparent air temperature 8 degrees cooler; in winter, an updraft circulates air trapped near the ceiling.

This model has an oil-rubbed bronze finish and five 56-in. blades, making it the right size for a large room, up to 22 ft. by 22 ft. It can be installed on a flat or angled ceiling, with or without lights. A remote control is included. The fan is not designed for use outside. In October 2004, the model 28424 was available for about $320.

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