Cement Siding: Better than asbestos

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Fifty years ago, asbestos shingles were touted as a miraculous replacement for wood siding products. That was before the environmental and health hazards of asbestos fibers were discovered.

The good news for owners of vintage houses sided with asbestos is that if the siding is intact, it does not pose a health hazard -- and will be serviceable for years to come. The bad news is that replacement shingles for spot repairs or additions are unavailable in the original asbestos. Manufacturer GAF developed WeatherSide fiber cement siding to fill that gap.

Containing no asbestos, the fiber cement siding is virtually identical in design and dimension to old asbestos shingles. And like the original material, WeatherSide is fireproof, durable and weather and rot resistant. GAF says the shingles are easy to install -- simply remove a damaged shingle and nail a WeatherSide shingle in place. The shingles are pre-primed and ready to paint. Caulking is not required at every joint.

Siding nails, corners and backing strips are also available. Shingle designs include textured, striated and wood-grain, with straight, wavy and thatched edges.

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