Chimney Liners: Casting call

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Here's one of several systems on the market that create new, fire-safe linings for old single-brick chimneys. Pictured here is an old chimney before, during and after Supaflu installation.

The system is designed to insulate your chimney while providing an effective barrier between the flue gases and your living quarters.

First the chimney must be inspected and thoroughly cleaned. Brick lining should be removed. All openings in the chimney such as clean-out doors, thimbles, and fireplace openings are carefully closed and all weak areas are properly braced. An inflatable rubber former is lowered into the chimney, then inflated to the proper flue size and centered within the flue cavity using spacers.

The Supaflu lining material is then poured inside the chimney and around the inflated former. The lining material requires approximately 24 hours to properlycure before the former is removed.

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