Copper Roofing: For Life and More

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
They go on bright and shiny, but exposure to the elements creates a protective film on these 12-ounce copper roofing shingles. Over a decade or so, the copper will weather to a light green patina.

Interlocking channels on all four sides of shingles ensure a sure fit. The material comes with a 100-year warranty, but a company spokesperson says that the life expectancy of this roofing material could easily be 200-300 years.

About half of this company's customers are handy homeowners who opt to install these shingles themselves. An instruction manual (geared to the do-it-yourselfer) is available.

  • 12-ounce copper roofing shingle measure 15" x 9".
  • Price per square is $1,120 a square (12-ounce copper) or $1,420 (16-ounce copper), which includes shingles, nails, flashing and shipping (October 2006).
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