Crown Moulding: Moulding for Indirect Lighting

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Beautiful crown molding designed specifically for indirect lighting. Crown molding is engineered to be attached only to the wall surface. It's milled on the reverse side for strong adhesive bonding. Directs light upwards and adds ambiance to any space. This molding is extremely popular for commercial and residential applications.

Molding for indirect lighting is light weight. The sides have drilled holes and dowels for easy and precise installation.

Featured molding:

  • Crown molding for indirect lighting ? NL3.
  • Dimensions - 6-7/8"H x 5-6/8"P x 6'6"L.
  • Price per 6?6? piece - $89.00.

  • Baseboard molding - NFL2.
  • Dimensions - 4-6/8"H x 5/8"P x 8'00"L.
  • Price per 8?00? piece - $36.00.

    Panels on the walls were created with panel molding - NWL2.

  • Dimensions - 1-5/8"H x 6/8"P x 8'00"L.
  • Price per 8?00? piece - $14.00.
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