Dishwashers: Seen but not heard

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Dishwashers should be seen and not heard. Part of Viking's Designer Series, this dishwasher is wrapped in both asphalt and felt padding for sound and heat insulation. Two motor and pump assemblies provide better (and quieter) water circulation and drainage. The interior has the capacity for 16 places settings and is illumined with a halogen light.

The normal wash cycle uses 3.4 gallons of water; the China, only 2.4; and water temperature can be adjusted from 85 - 170 degrees. This dishwasher is offered with a variety of panels or sans front.

As shown (with stainless steel front panel) price is about $1500. For brass trim option (brass handle and logo) add $149 (November 2004).

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