Doors: Mesquite Entry

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Mesquite is a popular barbecue flavoring, but the hard, dense southwestern wood also makes beautiful doors.

Twice as hard as oak, it resists shrinking, swelling and denting. The hardness of mesquite also makes it impractical for commercial production. These doors are hand-crafted, reportedly with a Volkswagon motor used to power the saw. Each door is stamped with the signature of the craftsman.

The doors are available in a standard size of 3' x 6'8", but the craftsmen will make you a custom sized door. Choose from 12 styles.

Doors are shipped sanded and finish-ready. Choose from three textures: fina-western, smooth sanded but with grain streaks, insect borings and other imperfections showing; fina-classic, an elegant, fine texture which shows the grain nicely; or hand-planed fustic.

The door shown here is Style #7, a three panel plank door, with top rail arch and 24" lock rail.

  • Solid Mesquite Door, Style #7.
  • Dimensions: 3' x 6'" (custom sizes available).
  • Price range for this door is $1,175 (fina) to $1,235 (rustic), plus crating and shipping (March 2006).
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