Entry Doors: Piece of History

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Old, beautiful and regal, this entryway originally graced the Coleman-Hollister Home. Built in 1796, the home was located in western Massachusetts and was designed by a (then) young architect named Asher Benjamin.

You can own this piece of history (or any number of old doors this salvage company has for sale). The leaded glass in the sidelites and fanlite is largely original. The detailing on the six-panel front door is complemented by the ornate muntins on the sidelites.

  • Vintage door from Coleman-Hollister House is priced at $15,000 (October 2006).
  • Door measures 45-1/2" wide x 94" high.
  • Sidelites are 17" wide x 60" high.
  • Fanlite is 39-1/2" high by 92" wide.
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