Fireplace Inserts: Pellet Conversion

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Convert your woodburning fireplace (with an average heating efficiency of 30 percent) into a high efficiency pellet stove. (88% efficient). Very little smoke is generated by this insert, with has an efficiency rating of 88 percent, and a 99.8% combustion efficiency.

This Baby Bear Pellet Stove Insert generates 6,000 to 38,000 BTUs, heating 500 - 1800 square feet. Pellet stoves burn manufactured biomass materials, such as sawdust, wood chips and nut hulls. According to the manufacturer, this unit can be installed in about an hour.

  • Product: Baby Bear Insert
  • Dimensions: 24" tall x 23" wide x 13-1/2" deep
  • Price range is $2,000 to $2,600 (December 2005).
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