Fireplaces: Faux coal burners

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Contemporary gas fireplaces mimic the look of a wood-burning fire, but 100 years ago, many homes were built with coal-burning fireplaces. This was primarily due to the lack of hardwood and the prevalence of coal.

The Adorn Suite is a prefabricated fireplace that burns gas, but looks like an old-fashioned coal fireplace, complete with red-hot glowing embers. The unit includes the firebox, fireplace surround, decorative tiles, hearth mantel, mantel surround and a four-inch chimney. And, of course, one remote control for tending your fire.

Choose from a wide variety of tiles for the surround and mantels -- with a wide variety of prices. The Adorn Suite is rated as a decorative unit, but according to the manufacturer, it will heat about 500 square feet of living area. Prices start at $3899 (July 2004).

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