Gas Fireplaces: Georgian gas fire baskets

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From London, where wood and coal fires have been banned for 30 years, come these solid brass, cast iron or polished steel fire baskets. The Georgian shown here looks like a 19th century fire grate, but burns natural gas or liquid propane rather coal or wood.

Distributed for Real Flame by Homefires, the grates operate with either a manual or automatic pilot burner, and for a realistic-looking fire have ceramiclogs or coals. The fire baskets require an existing fireplace and working flue/chimney that is suitable for burning a wood fire, although the manufacturer now has a line of fairly convincing electric inserts for homes that do not have a working flue.

These units can be installed by any certified plumber or mechanicalcontractor. All the necessary embers, fittings, and installation instructions are supplied. In December 2004, the Georgian was priced at $1,911 for manual operation to $2,323 for an remote control model; plus shipping and handling. Other models start at $543.

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