Gas Fireplaces: Small footprint, big heat

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Made with soapstone panels set into a cast iron frame, this 24" by 21" gas stove has a small footprint, but a large heating capacity.

It can be used with LP or natural gas and requires no electricity. A 20-pound propane tank will fuel this stove for ten days, creating about 20,000 BTUs/hr, heating up to 1,200 square feet.

The stove's burner and logs are ceramic, complete with glowing embers, coals and flickering flames. Temperatures are controlled with an optional remote or a wall thermostat (also optional) or stove-mounted adjustable switch (standard).

For a personal touch, you can order a brass plaque, engraved with the owner's name and date of manufacture.

  • Model: The Cottage Franklin Gas Stove
  • Dimensions: 20" high x 24-3/4" wide x 21-1/4" deep
  • Price is $2,369 (October 2005).
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