Gas Heaters: Direct-vent gas furnace

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
This gas-burning heater can operate with either natural gas or LP and is vented through a through-the-wall fitting only about 3 inches in diameter. The two-speed blower runs at either 203 cubic feet per minute or 360 cfm, with a heat output of up to 38,000 BTUs (slightly less for the LP version).

According to the manufacturer, the model 1004 has a stainless steel burner, an electronic thermostat and an integral humidifier. The steel cabinetry remains cool to the touch during operation. Dimensions for this 90-lb. furnace are 36" wide, 12" deep and 26" high. It requires a minimum of 2 inches clearance on the side of the cabinet, and 10 inches on the top. In October 2004, this model cost about $1,350.

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