Gutters: Chained melody

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
In Japan, they're known as "kusari doi" or rain chains and they're used in place of downspouts. For hundreds of years, these chains have been used to direct rain water into pots for washing or watering gardens.

You may not need to collect soft water for clothes washing, but you'll probably enjoy the tranquilizing and melodious sounds of water cascading down a rain chain.

Old World Distributors sells rain chains in aluminum or brass. The Japanese Rain Flower (pictured) can be linked with any type of rain chain. Price is $5.75 (aluminum) and $7.00 (brass) per flower (July 2004). Rain chains are sold by the foot and are priced from $13 - $22 (aluminum) to $18 - $26 (brass).

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