Hand Tools: Clamping mitre box

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Traditional mitre boxes can give your hands a workout as you try to hold mouldings hard against the back edge while sawing. Here's a portable clamping mitre boxthat's ideal for finish carpentry and light construction projects. The clamping mitre boxsecures materials firmly in place with a unique system featuring cam-shaped pins that twist into a specially designed honeycomb base. The clamping system can secure a variety of materials from flat molding to round PVC pipe.

The clamping mitre box cuts a variety of materials at angles of 45 degree and 90degrees as well as face angle 45 degrees. It also features a 22-1/2 angle for cutting octagonal shapes like casing for bay windows or gazebo molding. Designed for light to moderate duty construction projects, the mitre box can be used with traditional rip and cross cut saws as well as hacksaws.

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