Historic Wallpaper: Real Lincrusta

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Lincrusta was invented in 1877 to bring the ornate plaster work so loved by wealthy Victorians to those of more modest means. More than a century later, Lincrusta, still produced by its original manufacturer in Lancashire, England, is popular once again for its looks and durability. Shown here is Italian Renaissance, with a 40" straight match repeat. It is one of ten wall patterns, seven friezes and six dados available through US distributors.

Those restoring old homes today value Lincrusta for its ability to hide cracks, pits and uneven old plaster walls. The deeply embossed relief wall covering can be painted with oil-based gloss, vinyl silk or acrylic eggshell emulsion to enrich the detail. Typically, the area below the chair-rail was varnished in Victorian times to ensure durability. However, the manufacturer points out that un-varnished Lincrusta can be re-painted many times.

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