Hot Tubs: Rub-a-dub, kit for tub

Reviewed by:
Deborah Holmes
Real cedar hot tubs from this Maine company require no electricity or gas and so can be used at remote locations. The wood-fired tubs come fully assembled, or in a kit for about $375 less.

Everything you need for a rustic outdoor hot tub is included: cedar staves, sub-floor supports, tension hoops, stainless steel hardware, underwater aluminum stove, custom stove cover, grate and ash shovel, and thermometer. Tub includes four seats.

And if you're not happy with your tub's location, no problem. Since it doesn't require hookups, it's portable and can even be moved in a pickup truck, according to the manufacturer.

  • The kit pictured makes a 3' high tub with a 5' diameter.
  • Price fully assembled is $$3,250; kit is $2,875 (February 2006).
  • Other sizes available. Also electric and gas models.
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