Kitchen Appliances: AC/DC fridge

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
This 16-cubic-foot manual-defrost refrigerator/freezer uses 36% less energy than mandated by current federal standards, making it one of the most efficient refrigerators in the world. Popular with folks trying to get "off the grid," it's offered in 12- or 24-volt DC (direct current) or 110 or 220 volt AC (alternating current).

Two compressors (one for the fresh food compartment and one for the freezer) eliminate air circulation between compartments, which means less frost build-up inside the freezer.

Each refrigerator is custom crafted and can be ordered with a stainless steel exterior or laminate or wood finishes. Price (not including optional 13" base cabinet in photo) is about $2,600 (November 2004).

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