Kitchen Cabinetry: Circular Thinking

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
It slices, it dices and it spins around like a great big lazy susan.

This compact circular kitchen takes up about 20 square feet (less than 1.8 square meters) of floor space and yet it contains everything - including the kitchen sink (stainless steel with a single-handle faucet). Also included are drawers, drawers, shelving, lighting and electrical outlets, and a trash can. If desired, it can be outfitted with all the typical kitchen appliances, such as refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee maker, cook top, microwave-oven combo and range hood.

Decorating a kitchen is always a challenge and this one's no exception. You'll have to choose from a wide range of colors, countertops, kitchen equipment and more.

  • Prices for the circular kitchen start at $6,500 (September 2005).
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