Kitchen Ranges: Four-oven Cooker

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British manufacturer AGA makes the claim that "no otherrange looks or cooks" like its cast-iron, gas-fueled, enamel-glazed four burner stove. Hand-built AGA cookers use a constant source of fuel to maintain an inner temperature, making them ready to do anything from boil water to bake a turkey at a moment's notice. The AGA Cooker is available in eight standard colors and four premium shades from British Racing Green to Wedgwood Blue.

The four-oven AGA is suggested for large households or for those who like to entertain. It offers two large roaster/baking ovens, a simmering oven, and a warming oven. It holds up to six large saucepans on the boiling and simmering Plates. In addition, it has a large warming/serving Plate.

AGA does not list prices, but expect to pay a premium for the hand-built appliance. You may want to plan your room around this weighty (1,290 pounds) cooker. Outside dimensions are 32-1/2" high by 58-5/8" wide by 26-3/4" deep.

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