Kitchen Ranges: Small space cooker

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The Old House Web
This two-oven AGA Cooker has the same smart looks and large capacity baking oven as the larger four-oven model, is just 38-7/8 inches wide. The hand-crafted, gas-fueled range features two big hot plates -- one fast, one slow -- and two large ovens, one for roasting/baking, the other for simmering. Like the four-oven model, it holds up to six large saucepans on the boiling and simmering plates.

Like all AGAs this cooker uses a constant source of fuel tomaintain an inner temperature. It's available in nine enamel finishes and can be configured for natural gas, propane, or solid fuels. Outside dimensions are 32-1/2" high by 38-7/8" wide by 26-3/4" deep.

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