Metal Countertops: Soda Can Surface

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Ever wonder what becomes of the aluminum soda cans you toss into the recycling bin? Some of them end up back on the kitchen counter, in the form of cast metal tiles.

Made with 100% recycled aluminum, these tiles have a clear, powder coat finish that is non-toxic and stainproof. Fingerprints won't show like they do on stainless steel.

These 5/16" thick tiles also can be custom colored with artist-applied patinas. Grout line is 1/16" and tiles should be applied with construction adhesive appropriate for substrate (tile adhesive for wood, mastic for tile backer). The tile also is offered in recyled bronze.

  • Eleek Cast Metal Tiles sell for $95 per square foot and up (December 2005).
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