Metal Roofs: Buying time

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AcryMax is a high-performance, water-based coating that might buy some time for your historic tin roofs. Applied in layers, the material has been used everywhere from historic Savannah to the space shuttle.

AcryMax won't peel or crack, and keeps its elastisticity in temperatures as low as 30 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. The system encapsulates the roof in a seamless sheet of rubber-like covering. Distributed through PreservationProducts, Acrymax systems are UV stable, and resistant to ozone, acid rain and other air-borne contaminants. The company suggests one top coat of AcryMax bere-applied every five to 10 years. Rust must be removed before applying the material. Acrymax is self-flashing around chimneys.

The coating comes in a variety of standard colors including reds, patina green, and energy efficient reflectivewhite. Custom colors are available at a small additional cost.

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