Mortar: Natural mortars

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Searching for the perfect mortar to repair antique brick? Chances are Jahn Restoration Mortars has what you're looking for. The natural formulas can be used for all architectural masonry, including brick, bluestone, cast stone, concrete, granite, limestone, marble, plaster, sandstone, slate and terra cotta. The one-component mortars are easy to mix, contain no synthetic polymers and are fully compatible with existing substrates.

The mortars "breathe," allowing water-soluble salts and other damaging minerals to escape the surface. The mortar mixes are factory controlled to ensure consistency, and can be custom colored to avoid a patched appearance.

Mortars include:

  • Stucco: A one-coat plaster for use on new or existing masonry substrates.
  • Limestone/sandstone mortar repair: A one-component, non-sag mineral based mortar for repair and reconstruction of natural stone surfaces including limestone, brownstone and certain pre-cast concretes.
  • Historic pointing mortar: A one-component, mineral based pointing mortar formulated for the repair of mortar joints. It contains no synthetic bonding agents or foreign additives and is compatible with historic masonry.
  • Terra cotta repair mortar: A one-component, mineral based mortar for the restoration of terra cotta and brick surfaces. Vapor permeable and containing no synthetics, the mortar can be site mixed in small quantities.
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