Murphy Beds: Beds that come out of the closet

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
In 1900, William L. Murphy of San Francisco applied for his first patent for a bed that lifted up into a closet when not in use. He hated trying to entertain guests around the double bed in his one-room apartment. His invention became known as "The Murphy Bed."

Wall Beds have come a long way since then.

Flying Beds of Denver, Colorado offers wall beds in twin, double, queen or king sizes with a wide variety of options. Their wall beds are encased in solid wood frames, similar in appearance to the chifforobes of days gone by. When not in use as a bed, this versatile furniture can do double-duty as a computer desk, dining room table and more. Some wall beds, once opened, offer reading lights overhead and built-in shelves.

Ease of operation is important, and the Flying Bed is available with an electric motor drive. The true test of any good folding bed, says this manufacturer, is, "Could your grandmother open this bed without instructions?"

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