Old Register Covers

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Brand new, economical, gravity-type registers! Common years ago, central gravity furnaces are not made anymore, but the antique painted over, bent, broken, heating vent covers remain. These hard to find baseboard vent covers have been discontinued years ago by other manufacturers. Air Rite is proud to offer this new product! These attractive, multi-valve dampered, steel register covers are a clean white color, with a professional powder coat finish. They come complete with mounting hardware and are made in the USA!Benefits include: Improved airflow and mixing, better back-to-back mounting, up or down airflow deflection.Available in three sizes (outside dim, WxH"): 13x12", 15x12", 15x13". 1" deep at the top tapering to 2(1/4)" at the bottom.
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