Paint Remover: Organic paint remover

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This soy-based stripper removes paint, varnish and urethane without hazardous solvents. In fact, the manufacturer, Franmar Chemical, boasts that the gel is safe enough to be touched with bare hands.

Soy Gel is odorless and biodegradable and can be disposed of with regular household trash. The gel formula makes working on vertical surfaces such aswindows, doors and mouldings a breeze. A slow evaporation time means you the gel can be applied to an entire surface, such as a floor. And since the gel does not produce dust, it is suitable for removing lead paint.

One gallon covers approximately 200 square feet, at a cost of less than 22cents per square foot. Soy Gel is available in one and five gallon sizes directly from the manufacturer (February 2005).

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