Paints: Odor-free paint

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
EuroLux Satin Paint is a quick-drying, odor-free acrylic that is based on European paint formulas. According to the American-based company that distributes this product, the pigments used in EuroLux are finely ground, creating a high-performance paint that covers 30% more area than conventional paints.

Choose (or go nutty trying to choose) from 16,000 colors. Their 2.5 liter "Eurogallon" (just shy of three quarts) covers 335 square feet; 1 liter covers 134 square feet. Price is $80 (2.5 liter) and $35 (1 liter). Or you can purchase a four-ounce sample pot of one of 130 stock colors for $11 ($6 per pot and $5 shipping). September 2004.

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