Plumbing: Defying gravity

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The Sanipack makes it possible to install a complete bathroom in basements and other areas below the sewer line without special work and equipment. The unit provides vertical pumping up to 10 feet as well as a horizontal discharge, installs discretely in the wall and works with several models of wall mount toilets, including the Porchert Kimera model shown in the photo.

In addition to the toilet waste, Sanipack will also discharge gray wastewater from a variety of other sanitary fixtures, such as sinks and showers. A macerating pump takes care of wastes with a minimal amount of water (1.6 gallons per flush). Just four connections are required for installation. Sanipak dimensions are 12" high, 19" wide and 5" deep. Electrical supply is 110-115V; 60Hz; 5.4amps.

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