Power Tools: 18-gauge finish nailer

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
Light and compact, Sencos FinishPro 25XP drives a variety of fastener lengths. Useful for trim and furniture, it drives both slight- and medium-head 18-gauge brads from 5/8 in. through 2-1/8 in. Its only 10" long and weighs about 2-1/2 lb.

Pneumatic nailers are faster, more precise and less likely to damage delicate trim and cabinet parts than a hammer-and-nail approach. An 18-gauge nail leaves a very small hole so its excellent for stain-grade as well as paint-grade work.

This nailer operates on air pressure from 70 to 120 psi, and holds up to 110 fasteners. It has a restrictive-only trigger, which is no real disadvantage for trim work. It cost about $150 in September 2004.

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